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Zion Update

Hey Friends!

Thank you for you patience as we get our baby up and running. A little real time update as of 9/4/21. We are officially licensed and passed our inspection, so we are go for launch for our soft open which was 9/1. YAAAAY!!!!

What this means...

Tattooing wise; Trav is currently tattooing his existing clientele at Zion. At the moment we are not taking any new appoinments are we are transferring his booking system to a new system, which is quite a lengthy process. When we are finished we will start excepting new appointments. I will post here and on our other social media platforms when we get to that place. He has been blocking a couple days each week for new and local clientele so hopefully we will get you in soon!

Piercing wise; I am still very busy getting social media going, working on the website, building my piercing inventory, along with making this place look pretty, gathering supplies, and getting it ready for you! Oh and planning the grand opening. I hope to be ready by the beginning of October to be taking some piercings - and I am so excited to get to that place!

As of now it is just the two of us doing all the things, Trav is tattooing his normal full schedule, and we have 4 babies - so as you can imagine we are busy bees!

We very much appreciate all your patience as we make this transition and continue to create a balance with Zion, our marriage, kiddos, health, spirituality, and all the other important things! :) We Love You and are so excited! More updates soon!

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

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