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Children's Ear Piercings


Our Philosophy 


Pre- Piercing 

Offering children's earlobe piercing is one of our favorite services we offer at Zion!


Getting your earlobes pierced is a powerful moment in time in a child's life. Quite possibly the most powerful thing that they will have experienced thus far!

It is a rite of passage, to some way it's the way they begin to cleave and become their own person. They may begin to claim their own identity, claim rights to their own body. 

It is an absolute honor to be apart of this powerful experience!

With that being said it it very important to us at Zion that the child consents to the piercing with the full understanding of what they are choosing to do, including that the piercing does indeed include a little discomfort. 

Each child is ready for this exciting step in life at different ages, there is not an exact set age. We suggest waiting until 8 years of age for ear piercings, more often than not kiddos under 8 are not quite ready when it comes down to it. They like the idea of the piercing but are still a little too fearful of the actual process. 

However if the child is ready we do pierce earlobes ages 4 and up, anything younger we feel that they cannot properly understand and consent. Children under the age of 4 also tend to have a hard time not touching their new piercings and caring for them properly; resulting in the potential for an increase risk of infection. Also at these younger ages the anatomy will often change quite a bit over the coming years resulting in poorly placed earring holes for the remainder of the life of the piercing. 

If your child is between the ages of 4-7 they will require a pre piercing consultation. In this complementary 15 minute appointment your piercer will show the child the tools used, explain what the piercing feels like, and have them sit in the chair, we will also look at jewelry options. Their piercer will also ask them if they are ready and its something they want. They can come back for their piercing 24 hours after the consultation, if they are ready. 

Letting them make the decision when they know what to expect, and waiting until they are ready is a very powerful thing for you as a parent and for them! 

*Your piercers at Zion will not lie, convince, or persuade the child. We respect the little adult that is growing inside of them!

Call us with any other questions and to set up your child's appoinment. 651-460-0388

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pierce earlobes at Zion?

What happens if my child chooses to back out?

How much will it cost?

Why is it so expensive?

Can I bring my own Jewelry?

How do I prevent infection? 

We pierce earlobes using the same methods for all of our piercings here.  We use sterilized, implant grade body jewelry, and sterile, single use needles and tools to perform the piercing.  We don’t believe there is a safe ear piercing gun design, so we never use ear piercing guns. The jewelry we use is typically a "stud" type of jewelry, though it is actually called a threadless barbell and has either a flat back or a ball back, with a pressure set push pin top. This will be explained and shown to you at your appointment if you are unfamiliar with this style of jewelry.

This type of jewelry prevents pointy ends from digging in to your child’s neck when they sleep, and no more butterfly backs.

The piercers at Zion believe it is very important to take “no” for an answer from your child.  Getting their ears pierced was their decision!  Forcing them to go through with it is traumatic for all of us: parents, piercers, but especially the child. Ear piercings aren’t worth it!  Yes, that means occasionally we deal with a little ‘wasted’ time. From our point of view it’s always worth it to stop, wait, and deliver the best experience possible, even if that means no piercings are performed that day.

Generally speaking the average cost of children earlobe piercings run between $175 - $240.

This is made up our our piercing procedure fee of $90.00 for both ear piercings, plus the cost of jewelry. Our most popular jewelry chosen for these piercings is an 18 gauge barbell with either a flat-back or ball back, with a pushpin gemstone.  These these are typically around $150.00 plus tax for a pair.  Our average children’s ear lobe piercing ends up costing (in total) $175.00 to $240.00 depending on the options you choose.

There is a multitude of reasons that contribute to the current cost of your piercing.

Professional Services - The piercing procedure will be preformed by a skilled professional with abundant body piecing education along with years of experience.

Safety - You piercer is trained on the industry standards of aseptic techniques and cross- contamination prevention. Ensuring the safest possible environment for you child. 

Time - We feel that children's appointments require and deserve as much time as needed for this exciting event, so their piercing appointment is 1 hour, it often doesn't take this long but we like to accommodate the more nervous piercee just in case.

Quality - The jewelry that you are purchasing is among the highest quality body jewelry offered in the United States. Made of solid-implant grade titanium (ASTM F136 6AI-4V ELI) each pieced is polished to a mirror finish and free of scratches, or any damage.The crystals are high quality Austrian-made SWAROVSKI cubic zirconia or other synthetic gems, the jewelry is guaranteed for life against any manufacturers defects. We’ve taken every possible step to eliminate any chance of allergic reaction.

COVID-19 - The cost of metals, jewelry production, supplies and shipping has gone ups therefore your prices reflect these price increases.

Healing bag - You are also  paying for the aftercare and a small gift for the kiddo to have after the piercing.

Unfortunately, no.  We really must insist on implant grade materials for initial piercings, and we only do so with materials that we have here at Zion.  Often, ear piercings can heal in as little as two to three months.  Once the piercings are healed, you can change them to other styles of jewelry.

Please review the "Piercing Care" Tab on the website for detailed aftercare instructions. 

The best policy is to make sure your son or daughter is empowered to clean the piercings, as well as communicate problems to you.  We are here to help, and can put a nervous parents mind at ease.  That said, if you believe you see a legitimate infection, see a doctor immediately.

It it important to take precautions against touching, removing, or changing jewelry while the piercing is healing. 

It's also important that your son or daughter to avoids swimming while they are healing.

The complication we see most often is moisture related. We recommend against sleeping with wet hair, as this can cause irritation to the healing piercing.

The good news is this: true infection is extremely unlikely.  In general, the small problems that can creep up with an earlobe piercing are usually fixed with small adjustments in aftercare. We strongly encourage our clients to visit us for free follow-up consultations, even if all is well we absolutely love seeing how your piercings are healing and making sure jewelry is working out as planned.


Please email us at and we’d be thrilled to answer any questions you may have.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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