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Meet our Professional Piercing Practitioner

At Zion we provide a private, clean and comfortable environment for your piercing experience. We also provide quality body jewelry, sterile procedures, patience with placement, a fun and friendly attitude, as well as education on how to care for your piercing properly!  

Our piercers are licensed in the state of Minnesota, certified in CPR, First Aid, and Blood-Borne Pathogens. As well as attend continuing educations courses through the Association Professional Piercers Conference​ annually.


fe. Momma. Business Owner. Piercer

"​My love and dedication to the industry and commitment to the individual experience of my client is like that of no other. My love for people and the light that shines within each of us guides me in creating the most unique and powerful experience for my clients." 

Piercing Apprentice. Server. Softballer. 

“I just know I am meant to be a body piercer as I can feel it in my heart. I love the atmosphere at Zion, it’s incredibly welcoming, and comforting. Walking in is like taking a breath of fresh air. I cannot wait to offer that experience to my future clients, family and loved ones!"

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