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Zion Tattoo Process


Artists require a NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT to book an appointment.

Deposit will come off of the price of the tattoo when it is completed.

We offer complimentary consultations (no deposit needed).

Email us at answering the questions below. Someone will reach out to you within 2 weeks to set up a consult or appointment. ​(Feel free to copy and paste)

First and Last Name:

Phone Number:

Artist Preference - Trav - Pittsy - No Preference/Soonest available 

A brief description on what you are wanting:

Style: Realistic - Illustrative - Geometric - Traditional - New School - Watercolor - Other - I have no clue

Color or Black/Grey:

Placement on body:

In inches about what size are you thinking:

How open are you to artist creative license:

Is this a cover up:

Anything else you would like the artist to know:

If you are looking for a cover-up, please make sure to attach a current photo of the tattoo.

It is also helpful to attach any reference pictures.


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