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Real time update! 10/4/21

Hey Friends! We are working hard at making everything awesome around here, as well as gearing up for our Grand Opening!

Things are moving along, but a little slower than expected. Our family has had a handful of health challenges over this last month, and the abundance of emails and phone calls have slowed us down a bit (of which we are grateful.)

As of now I plan to begin taking piercings the week after the Grand Opening which will be October 16th!

Trav is taking appointments, though his schedule is pretty darn full - we have created a waitlist. So please feel free to send an email to with your first and last name, and phone number. This time of year it is common to get a lot of cancelations dues to illness, and weather, so there's a good chance you could get a call!

Also if you are planning to get a small tattoo, friend us on FB and keep an eye out for our Walk-In days that we will be implementing. We will do walk-in days 1-2 days a month typically a Friday evening or a Saturday, where we will have an "open door policy" and do small walk-in tattoos and piercings without an appointment!

Hope you all are enjoying fall, stay healthy and we will see you soon!

Much love,

Friends from Zion

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